Till alla Er som skrivit – ett ödmjukt TACK för alla positiva ord. Roligt att ni uppskattar det jag gör. Tack!
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353 tankar kring ”Gästbok

  1. Chris Browning

    Pelle, what a truly amazing project! I cant even begin to imagine some of the issues you faced and overcome. The passion you have to see a project like this to completion is just astounding. Thank you for all the photos and also so wonderful that you have produced a manual that covers all that the motor does and how to maintain it. There will come a day when other people will need to look after it and they will now have all the information they will need. if it never gets put in a car or truck, i hope it ends up in a transport museum for all the world to marvel at and enjoy.
    again well done for the passion the the skill to achieve this


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